What Skyrim Melee Weapon is Best For Your Build

There are different melee weapons in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and each weapon is better suited for different kinds of build and has its pros and cons.

With how many melee weapons of different categories like one-handed and two-handed weapons are available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim it can be really hard to understand which weapon is better suited for what. Even though you can make any weapon work with any build, there are sub-categories of weapons like warhammers and daggers with different attack speeds and damage that influence the kinds of builds they work the best with.


For the wide range of builds, swords are the way to go, especially one-handed swords due to their versatility. Even though swords are the second-lowest damage dealing weapon in the game but due to their ability to swing fast and by using some enchantments you can make it a reliable weapon.


Daggers are one of those weapons that are best for specific kinds of build and don’t have any use outside of that and being the quickest weapon in the game daggers do a high amount of stealth damage and due to that, they are best for all Skyrim stealth builds.


Even though maces are the slowest weapon in the game, they do make quite an impact. Ironically being the slowest weapon, maces are useful in fast-paced duel-wielding melee style due to maces’ unique unlockable perk that allows players to break through armor and wards. Apart from that, maces are also very useful with shields because players can use shields to stun enemies which can buy them enough time to land a powerful punch with mace.

War Axe

War axe is that kind of weapon that can be easily customized to be useful with any kind of build. If we talk about damage and speed then they’re somewhere between swords and maces there is nothing special in their stats but what makes war axe stand out is its one-handed perk because this perk can be used to cause bleeding damage to enemies.


Greatswords are good for two-handed heavy armor builds just like their one-handed versions. Unlike other two-handed weapons greatswords have decent speed and due to that greatswords can be used for light armor build that focuses on stamina.


Battleaxe is the best weapon in the game for two-handed hybrid builds. Unlike other two-handed weapons battleaxe offers a lot of versatility and If used with the correct strategy Battleaxe can be one of the best damage-dealing weapons in the game and can cause some serious bleeding damage.


In Skyrim, two-handed weapons have their characteristics and if they are used correctly with the right strategy in mind it can help create a unique playstyle. Generally, a Warhammer is a great weapon for those who focus on shouts. And in Skyrim shout works well with tons of builds.

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